ANY ANY at Hole in the Wall – Century City Mall, Makati


It’s been a long time since our last visit to Manila’s most hipster food hall, Hole in the Wall (HITW). Whenever we visited it in the past, we would always go for a cheeseburger from The Beef and that famous Umami Fried Chicken with Dirty Rice at Bad Bird. It was kind of exciting at first but it can get a little bit too predictable because we would always go for our favorites. Yes, both The Beef and Bad Bird are our favorites, as both are really good. But at some point, we were left wondering, “What could be our next HITW favorite?” Hmmmmm… After months of not being able to drop by Hole in the Wall, here comes the new kid on the block. When we saw this newly opened stall, it reminded us of a usual answer to the question “Where will we eat?”. The answer to this most of the time is, “Kahit saan” or “Kahit ano” in Filipino, and in English it is “Any Any”. Sounds familiar? Well, in this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing with you about ANY ANY at Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall, Makati. Could this be our next HITW favorite? Keep reading to find out.

Hole in the Wall’s NEWEST stall… ANY ANY!





ANY ANY is the brainchild of Chef Nicco Santos, the genius behind famous restaurants like, Your Local in Makati and Hey Handsome in BGC. Chef Nicco’s love for Singaporean food and Southeast Asian flavors is the main reason behind ANY ANY. You know, you cook what you love to eat. At ANY ANY, you may enjoy Nasi Lemak and Roti Prata whichever way you want. In the menu below, you will find different kinds of toppings for the Nasi Lemak and different kinds of fillings and dips for the Roti Prata.


Basic Nasi Lemak (Php 170) includes fried boiled egg with chili sauce, crispy dilis, roasted nuts, cucumber, and of course, CURRY. So, on top of the Php 170, the price range of the different proteins is 50-220 pesos. The Roti Prata costs 120 pesos plus the add-ons (50-200 pesos). TIP: Be careful not to get crazy over the toppings though, because you might end up paying around 600-700 pesos for a plate of Nasi Lemak.

Roti Prata + Curry
Php 170


This classic combo of Roti Prata and Curry sent us to Singapore and back! The curry tasted so rich. It was a great complement to the already superb flaky and buttery roti prata.

Roti Prata + Cheese + Curry
Php 280


This is for all you cheese-lovers out there! Yes, that crispy and buttery roti prata can get even better with 3 cheeses and a little bit of truffle oil. As you know, everything is better with cheese and truffle.

Roti + Caramel
Php 180


This is the mother of all sweet roti prata if it had any. Crispy on the outside and super gooey on the inside. If you can’t stand the strong smell and flavors of curry, you will surely enjoy this sweet version of roti prata.

Nasi Lemak + Catfish +Prawn + Luncheon Meat
Php 520


Nasi Lemak + Beef Rendang + Fried Chicken
Php 460

First things first, ANY ANY’s Nasi Lemak is top-notch! Yes, we could probably eat it every single day without any topping at all because it’s that awesome. Just like the Roti Prata and Curry, the Nasi Lemak took us to Singapore and Malaysia. The flavors were intensely amazing. All the little components of the dish were done the right way, too. The toppings might make it a bit expensive but if chosen correctly, you will surely have a great time. Our favorite toppings were the creamy catfish, crispy fried chicken, and the super tender beef rendang.


We indeed had a good time at ANY ANY. The flavors, the aroma and the taste of the different dishes that we have tried reminded us of the years we spent living in Singapore. As it really tasted and smelled the same. And we are delighted to know that whenever we crave for a good plate of Nasi Lemak or Roti Prata, ANY ANY is just a ride away and it has easily become our third favorite in Hole in the Wall. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations. Until next time!

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Hole in the Wall, Fourth Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue Corner Salamanca Street,ย Poblacion, Makati City

Facebook ย / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Sun-Thu)

11:00am to 12:00mn (Fri-Sat)

Budget: 500-1000 php for two

Any Any Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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