Industrie Food Loft – CityGolf, Ortigas


There’s always a first time for everything, right? Well, in this edition of EATSplorations, we will be featuring a food park for the very first time. 12 food stalls in one indoor space at the heart of Ortigas. It was quite overwhelming at first when we entered Industrie Food Loft in CityGolf, Ortigas. First, we were still full from a hearty lunch. And second, 12 unique food stalls. Just imagine the amount of food waiting for us to EATSperience. Since it’s our first time to cover a food park, we really didn’t know what to expect but we sure were excited to try out as many different kinds of dishes in Industrie. We won’t keep you waiting as this will be a long long post. So, bear with us and make sure to check out each and every single stall in our Industrie Food Loft EATSperience!

Welcome to Industrie Food Loft!



Located along Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig, Industrie Food Loft is a 300 square meter indoor food hall that houses 12 unique food concepts and a beverage bar. Each food concept was carefully chosen according to taste, quality, and uniqueness in mind. Sounds good so far? Keep reading to see what we saw around Industrie!

Let’s take a look around Industrie!









Industrie is designed with industrial materials but with lots of fun and color. From the floor, to the walls and to the ceiling. There are two dining areas to choose from, the air-conditioned food loft and the outdoor picnic tables. We are not that fond of food parks/halls but we can honestly say that we like the relaxing atmosphere, prime location, and the different food concepts at Industrie. Let’s keep going to find out about the 12 unique food stalls of Industrie!

Watch this short video about Industrie’s 12 food stalls!

Hoka – Modern Japanese

Facebook: Hoka PH / Instagram:

Looking for hip and tasty Japanese food? Then, Hoka is the one for you! Check out their freshly made sushi rolls, torched in front of you! They also have some filling and tasty rice bowls, too.

Spicy Shake Roll
(salmon rolled in spicy mayo sauce and nori flakes topped with more salmon cubes and tempura flakes)
Php 295

Signature Dishes: Spicy Shake Roll and Volcano Maki

Opter’s – Kansi and Negrense Breakfast

Facebook: Opster’s / Instagram: @opsters_mnl

If you love breakfast food and Kansi (considered a cross between bulalo and sinigang), you will surely love Opster’s! Their elevated classic Ilonggo breakfast dishes are simple, hearty, and comforting. Make sure you check out their homey version of kansi, a sour beef soup with batwan. It will make you eat at least two cups of rice!

Php 265
Chorizo Recado
(local aged-pork sausage with garlic rice and egg)
Php 165

Signature Dishes: Kansi and Chorizo Recado

The Broken Oven

Facebook: The Broken Oven Specials / Instagram: @thebrokenovenspecials

We are so happy that The Broken Oven finally has a food stall in a food hall. Their slow-roasted pork belly is something we consider one of the best in town. Aside from their pork belly, The Broken Oven features gourmet dishes taken to another level with an explosion of texture and flavor in every bite. The PB+C Sandwich is savory, crispy, tender, juicy, and sweet in one sandwich. It’s a must-try!

Sisig Kaninballs
(rice balls stuffed with their signature spicy and savory sisig)
Php 160 for 4 balls
PB+C Sandwich
(signature slow-roasted pork belly with kesong puti, greens and vinaigrette in a ciabatta bun)
Php 220

Signature Dishes: Chicken Iberico Melt and PB+C Sandwich

Krates by Kopi Roti

Facebook: Krates by Kopi Roti / Instagram: @kratesbykopiroti

Kopi, Kopi Bun, Kaya Toast, and many more—find them all here at Krates by Kopi Roti. Check out their new line-up of drinks featuring Krates Strawberry, Krates Redeye, and coffee shakes.


Signature Dishes: Krates Strawberry and Chocolate and Krates Redeye

LokLok – Asian Street Food

Facebook: Lok Lok Asian Street Food / Instagram: @loklokasianstreetfood

Playful and colorful skewers! That’s what LokLok is all about. They have a wide variety of deep-fried and boiled meat, seafood, balls, quail eggs, and veggies on skewers with different sauces to choose from.


Signature Dishes: Lok Lok Platter and Satay Platter

Buns & Bros

Facebook: Buns & Bros / Instagram: @bunsnbros

Burgers with a lot of personality! The Heartthrob, The Assassin, and many more burgers designed to fit your personality and most especially your appetite. Every burger is made from scratch and is sure to surprise your taste buds! The Eager Beaver breakfast burger is a must-try!

The Boss
(angus beef cheeseburger with caramelized onions, smoked bacon, B&B bbq sauce, and homemade beer bun)
Php 235
The Eager Beaver
(angus beef cheeseburger with sunny side up egg, bacon, B&B maple aioli, and homemade brioche bun)
Php 235

Signature Dishes: The Player and The Assassin


Facebook: Noonchi / Instagram:

Pan-Asian comfort food that’s both fun and authentic, that’s what Noonchi is all about. Make sure to try their Bulgogi Cheesesteak, a cheesy toasted bun filled with shaved sirloin soaked in bulgogi marinade that captures the heart of fusion cuisine that is Noonchi.


Signature Dishes: Bulgogi Cheesesteak and Chicken and Hangover Noodles

The Pullet

Facebook: The Pullet / Instagram: @thepullet

The Pullet is all about fried chicken and french fries. Chicken-lovers will adore their unique take on the classic comfort meal with the addition of overloaded french fries.

Fried Chicken with Corn on a Cob and Slaw
Php 228

Signature Dishes: Fried Chicken with Corn on a Cob and Slaw and Torched Nacho Fries

Tornado – Peri-Peri Chicken and Ribs

Facebook: Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken / Instagram: @tornado_periperichicken

Perfectly grilled chicken and ribs loaded with lots of herbs and spices that will surely tickle your taste buds. Make sure to choose the right sauce for you from their special line-up of sauces: Original, Tiger’s Fury, and Dragon’s Breath. We tried the Original with the chicken and we loved it!

Peri-Peri Chicken
Php 140

Signature Dishes: Peri-Peri Chicken and Ribs

Niku Niku

Facebook: Niku Niku / Instagram: @nikuniku.mnl

Tasty treats on a stick! Niku Niku features kushiyaki or grilled skewers with different kinds and cuts of beef. They also have different kinds of sauces to choose from to complete the EATSperience. We loved the US Hanger and Saikoro Wagyu sticks with house and tare glaze.

US Hanger (tare) and Saikoro Wagyu Cubes (house)
Php 75 per stick and Php 115 per stick

Signature Dishes: Saikoro Wagyu Cubes in Tare and in House Flavor

Prime Shack MNL

Facebook: Prime Shack MNL / Instagram: @primeshackmnl

Classic combinations of surf and turf or seafood and meat. Try their bucket of flavored shrimp together with their steaks. It would be nice to try out their offerings next time we dine at Industrie.


Signature Dishes: Australian Ribeye Steak and Butter Garlic Shrimps

Manila Creamery

Facebook: Manila Creamery / Instagram: @mnlcreamery

Gelato made the Manila way! Yes, Manila Creamery houses Italian gelato with Filipino twists. Their gelato is made with fresh, natural, and high quality ingredients. We loved their creamy Pistachio Gelato and smooth and refreshing Matcha Taho Shake, perfect for hot and sunny days.

Pistachio Gelato
Matcha Taho Shake
Php 180

Signature Dishes: Mangga’t Suman Gelato and Matcha Taho Milkshake


This was one hell of an EATSperience! Hands up if you agree? Well, we weren’t able to try all 12 food stalls but we were so happy with what we saw and have EATSperienced. Lots of promising concepts that we, Filipinos, will surely love. Our favorite food stalls so far are: Opster’s, The Broken Oven, Buns & Bros, Manila Creamery, and Niku Niku. If you are planning to visit Industrie, make sure to visit with friends or family so that you can try more or even all of the fantastic food concepts. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! ‘Till next time!

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Industrie Food Loft

CityGolf Plaza, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas, Pasig City

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 1:00am (Mon-Thu)

11:00am to 2:00am (Fri-Sat)

11:00am to 10:pm (Sun)


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