Crisp on 28th – Bonifacio Global City

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City has been one of our favorites when it comes to EATSperiencing something new. It is home to a lot of old favorites, hip and trending restaurants. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be writing about Crisp on 28th. It has been one of the restaurants that always catches our attention when we see it in Instagram. The food, the milkshakes and the place got us wondering what the fuzz is all about. After weeks and weeks of being busy at work and other EATSperiences, we finally had time to visit Crisp on 28th and even before we set foot inside, we knew that it would be an interesting EATSperience. Keep going to find out more about Crisp on 28th EATSperience, enjoy!

Welcome to Crisp on 28th!

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City

The interior of Crisp on 28th is cozy and lovely. We loved the lighting and decors inside. Just right for a comfortable and relaxing meal. However, the place was packed when we were there. So, as a sign of respect to other diners we didn’t take photos of the dining area. Rest assured though that you will love the interior of the place. Perfect for family gatherings and romantic dates too.

Time to EAT!

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City

We chose to take photos of the food outside to give you guys a better look of the dishes that we tried. All in all, we tried 1 infused water, 1 bar bites, 3 mains, and 1 dessert. Sounds good so far? Stay with us, as we eat our way through some of Crisp on 28th’s latest offerings.

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City
Php 125

Great way to start things off! Nice and refreshing glass of fruit-infused water to cool things down on a hot afternoon. If you like to keep things light and healthy, you must try this one!

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City
Crispy Crablets and Calamari with Pickled Cucumber and Spiced Vinegar on the side
Php 260

[Mr. Eats] The crablets were good but the calamari was even better. It was perfectly crisp and tender. I wish there was more of the calamari though because I loved it more than the crablets. The spiced vinegar was great! I couldn’t stop dipping both the crablets and calamari into it.

[Mrs. Eats] I enjoyed the crunch that the crablets had and the tender calamari. The pickled cucumber and spiced vinegar had that asian flavor that made this bar bite even better.

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City
Kansi Nasal
(ginger tamarind beef brisket, spiced sour broth and langka relish)
Php 360 / Php 680 for sharing

[Mr. Eats] I loved this dish so much! The generous amount of the super tender beef brisket was amazing. For a carnivore like me, this dish was the bomb. Although I loved the beef, the spiced sour broth was the best part of this dish. I just couldn’t stop slurping. Awesome stuff, Crisp on 28th!

[Mrs. Eats] I really enjoyed the spiced sour broth of this Kansi Nasal. Perfect for those who love sour flavor in their soup. The beef brisket was tender and the langka relish was refreshing. Try this with steamed rice and you’ll definitely end up eating a lot of it!

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City
Osso Bucco ala Iloco
(braised beef in Ilocos basi wine, mushrooms and baby potatoes)
Php 430 / Php 760 for sharing

[Mr. Eats] Fall off the bone goodness! The use of Ilocos basi wine made me love this dish even more. I really enjoy dining in restaurants that give importance to local ingredients. It was so hard to keep myself from eating this because of the perfectly cooked beef and its tangy sauce. Warning, be ready to eat lots of rice when you order this one.

[Mrs. Eats] The Osso Bucco ala Iloco had a creamy texture, as for flavor wise, it was sweet and tangy. The beef was tender and the mushrooms and baby potatoes were a good pair to the beef. Another dish that requires lots of rice to go with it.

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City
Pancit Pad Thai
(lemongrass chicken strips, sesame scrambled eggs, peanuts, bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, lime, and Thai basil)
Php 320

[Mr. Eats] My hands down favorite of this EATSperience! I never thought pancit would work so well in handling the flavors and ingredients of Pad Thai, but it did. In my opinion, it was able to absorb everything better than the usual flat noodles that is commonly used in making Pad Thai. I loved the great balance of flavors. It tasted really authentic. Perfectly executed dish, well done, Crisp on 28th!

[Mrs. Eats] It was my first time to try Pancit noodles used for Pad Thai. How did I find it? Genius! The Pancit noodles had all the flavors of the ingredients used for this Pad Thai. And it also had a generous amount of toppings which I really liked. Sweet, sour and spicy flavors all in one dish. A must-try!

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City
Chocolate Mille Crepe

Great way to end our wonderful EATSperience at Crisp on 28th! Super chocolaty but not too sweet. Aside from this beautiful mille crepe, they also have numerous kinds of pastries that will surely intrigue you.

Crisp on 28th Bonifacio Global City

Our Crisp on 28th EATSperience has finally come to an end. Thanks to the management of Crisp on 28th for inviting us over to try their new menu creations! We had a great first time and we would love to be back to try the other delectable dishes and pastries. If you happen to be around BGC, try out Crisp on 28th. You will surely love it. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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Crisp on 28th

Ground Floor, Alveo Corporate Center, 28th Street Near 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

+63917 584 6883

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Operating Hours:

8:00am to 11:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1000-1500 php for two

Crisp on 28th Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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