The Great Eatscape: COCA Restaurant, SM Aura

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura

This past Monday, we were invited by our good friend Alexis Deocaris of ForkSpoonManila to a one of a kind food crawl in SM Aura Premier called The Great Eatscape.Ā A day of food and friendship in SM Aura Premier with some of Manila’s up and coming food and lifestyle enthusiasts. The Great Eatscape was organized to explore and re-discover FIVE restaurants in SM Aura Premier’s Sky Park. Yes, FIVE restaurants all in one day. We will be sharing our Great Eatscape EATSperience one restaurant at a time so that you will have time to appreciate each and every one of the restaurants that we have tried. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing our first stop of The Great Eatscape, COCA Restaurant. COCA is a Chinese-Thai restaurant that specializes in steamboat or shabu-shabu that originated from Thailand. We are so excited to share with you our first-ever COCA Restaurant EATSperience! Keep reading to find out more about this Chinese-Thai steamboat heaven, enjoy!

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura

COCA’s interior is really fit for an Asian restaurant. Family-style dining all the way which means that the place can cater to big groups of friends and family. The ambiance calls for an intimate dining EATSperience too. COCA’s dining area is huge. However, it was dimly lit so it was challenging to snap some photos of their delectable dishes inside. Good thing, because of COCA’s outdoor bar area, we were able to snap a few shots of the dishes that they offered us.

Let’s now proceed to the most important part of every EATSperience, the FOOD!!!

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura

Starting things off with some light bites…

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura
Salmon Grapow in a Cup
The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura
Pork Belly Flakes

Mr. Eats: The two appetizers may not look so inviting at first. But when I took my first bite, I was reminded that looks can be deceiving because both had a lot going on in terms of flavor. The Salmon Grapow in a Cup was really fragrant and it had a bit of kick from the chili and spices. The Pork Belly Flakes tasted like Asian-style nachos because of the mango salsa and sweet chili sauce. If I had to pick one among the two, I would pick the Salmon Grapow in a Cup mainly because it was more Asian both in flavor and in look. Great start to my first COCA EATSperience!

Mrs. Eats: I was enticed with the Pork Belly Flakes at first because it was colorful and the ingredients looked fresh.And when I tried it, I enjoyed the crunch from the nacho chip and the burst of flavors from the onions and pork belly flakes. As for the Salmon Grapow in a Cup, I dominantly tasted the spices and the kick it had made me enjoy every bite.

Moving on to some heavier dishes…

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura
Pacific Sunset
(King Crab, Squid, Tiger Prawns, Pork Sausage, Corn and Spices)
The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura
COCA House Special Noodles

Mr. Eats: What an amazing plate of seafood madness! Lovely spicy sauce to complement the sweetness of the seafood and pork sausage. I had to restrain myself from asking for a cup of rice because I was looking for something to pair the superb spicy sauce with. The noodle dish was simple yet filling and satisfying. I had to get my second and third serving because I love noodles and COCA didn’t disappoint. Well done!

Mrs. Eats: The sauce of the Pacific Sunset made my EATSperience worthwhile. The seafood and the pork sausage were drenched into the spicy yet flavorful sauce. And COCA’s House Special Noodles was delish too! It was tasty and light in flavor, yet it filled my hungry tummy. Both dishes are worth a try!

Now, the main event of this EATSperience!

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura
Red Fire Platter
(Hot Pot combination of Assorted Meat, Veggies and Glass Noodles that comes with Chicken broth and Tom Yum broth)

Mr. Eats: The mother of all hot pots in COCA! This behemoth served around 10-12 hungry foodies in one sitting. That’s how huge this plate filled with different kinds of hot pot favorites was. The most exciting part about this was the Tom Yum broth! It was the highlight of my COCA EATSperience. I was left speechless because it was really really delicious. My fellow foodies were raving about it even before the tasting started and now I know why. Hands down to one of the best Tom Yum broths in town!

Mrs. Eats: I love soup! And having been able to try two different broths was heaven for me. The chicken broth was light and the tom yum broth was strong in flavor. Both were really good and I enjoyed slurping and satisfying my thirst for good soup. Plus with all the assorted meat , veggies and glass noodles, I had a comforting EATSperience.

The Great Eatscape COCA Restaurant SM Aura

Just when we thought our first COCA EATSperience was over, a couple of servers brought out some rice and started mixing it with the “leftover” broths. The manager started explaining to us that this is their “Ojiya.” It was like making sure that every single drop of their heavenly broths are chowed down simply because they are that delicious. It was like a shabu shabu turned into a porridge. It may look weird but we don’t really care. It was indeed a one of a kind steamboat, hot pot, shabu shabu, whatever you may call it EATSperience. Thanks to COCA Restaurant, SM Aura Premier and ForkSpoonManila! That’s it for our first stop from the The Great Eatscape! Are you ready for more?

COCA Restaurant

Fifth Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

+632 955 2022



Opening Hours:

10am to 11:30pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 2000-2500 php for two


Coca Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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