Special Lunch at Atelier Vivanda Manila

Atelier Vivanda Manila Special Lunch BGC Taguig

Hello everyone! We hope you are enjoying all of our EATSperiences so far. Lots and lots of things to share and we make sure to try our best in sharing our latest EATSperiences, so that you will always have options to choose from. Two posts ago, we shared with you our Atelier Vivanda Manila EATSperience. You know, steaks and sides? In this edition of EATSplorations, we will let you know about their Special Lunch set where you can pick a soup, a side dish and a main course for only p950. Yes, a complete meal for only p950! Sounds interesting? Keep reading to find out more about this awesome deal!

Soup options… Pick ONE! ๐Ÿ™‚

Atelier Vivanda Manila Special Lunch BGC Taguig
Cauliflower Soup with Smoked Haddock and Parmesan Cheese
Atelier Vivanda Manila Special Lunch BGC Taguig
Pumpkin Soup topped with Fried Shallots, Crisp Pumpkin Chips and Candied Walnuts

Mr. Eats:ย Lovely start to a special lunch set! Both soups had great aroma, were creamy and were hearty.ย  Both were good but I prefer the pumpkin soup more because it looks more inviting. Iย loved the play of colors and textures from its key ingredients. Well done!

Mrs. Eats:ย I love soup and when I’m starving, soup has always been my first option to start a great meal. And when they served us soup I knew that i’ll be having a good meal. I enjoyed both as each had their own distinct flavors. The cauliflower soup had a strong creamy flavor. As for the pumpkin soup, it was creamy in texture and the flavor of the pumpkin was really dominant. Both were a good start to someone like me who came there hungry.

Main Course options… Pick ONE! ๐Ÿ™‚

Atelier Vivanda Manila Special Lunch BGC Taguig
Duck Confit with Side Salad
Atelier Vivanda Manila Special Lunch BGC Taguig
Grilled Rack of Lamb
Atelier Vivanda Manila Special Lunch BGC Taguig
Yellowfin Tuna

Mr. Eats:ย First, the yellowfin tuna was seared to perfection! Lovely pink center that was oh so juicy! Next, the duck confit had a really crispy skin and it was perfectly cooked on the inside. It was so hard not to get a lot of it. Lastly, the grilled rack of lamb was super tender and juicy. Just by looking at it, I knew right away that it would be my favorite among the three. No sauce needed. The natural flavors of the lamb together with Atelier Vivanda Manila’s seasonings just worked so fine. Yum yum yum!

Mrs. Eats:ย After trying all three, the option “pick one” will definitely be hard. Each main course has something to rave about. The duck confit, was cooked perfectly. The meat was tender and the skin was crispy. The grilled lamb was aromatic, juicy and tender. And it was seasoned well. The yellow fin tuna was fresh and was seared perfectly.

The main course comes with a choice of sides. You may choose between Mashed Potatoes or Sauteed Potatoes. Remember, for p950 you already have a soup, a main course and a side dish. Now that you are done with Atelier Vivanda Manila Special Lunch, take a look at this classic dessert below to finish off a wonderful meal!

Atelier Vivanda Manila Special Lunch BGC Taguig
Vanilla Creme Brulee (p350)

Mr. Eats:ย  The BEST creme brulee I have ever had! Lovely burnt sugar on top and super fragrant and creamy vanilla creme. Words are not enough to explain how AMAZING this one was. Seriously, you have to try it out!

Mrs. Eats:ย The creamy vanilla creme won my heart in this dessert. It was aromatic and the vanilla flavor was strong. Every spoonful made me want for more. Definitely a must try!

Well, that ends our Special Lunch at Atelier Vivanda Manila EATSperience! Make sure you check it out when you are around Bonifacio Global City. You will surely love it. Again, for only p950 you already have 1 soup, 1 main course and 1 side dish. Just add p350 to end your meal with a lovely Vanilla Creme Brulee. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

Atelier Vivanda Manila

U-A8 Forbes Town Center, Forbes Town Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City



Opening Hours:

11am to 11pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 2000-2500 php for two


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